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Outline Get Up radiator product
OUTVSHB-2000-430 Rusty with Hinge & Bracket System OUTVSHB-1500-430 Super Mirror Finish with Hinge & Bracket System OUTVSHB-1200-600 Brasy Finish with Hinge & Bracket System OUTVS-1800-430 Brushed Stainless Finish with 2 Optional Towel Rails OUTVS Bespoke size and colour match Outline with Milan Corner Valves - Customer Image

Outline Get Up Radiator

The outline radiator range is based on the original flat panel design, perfect for lovers of clean lines.

Outline is a modular aluminium high output radiator with a steel or stainless steel front facia panel.

The outline range consists of Square (You Square), Vertical (Get Up) and Horizontal (Lie Down) models and each can be ordered in a single or double version.
The Outline range also has a unique hinge and bracket system available. This gives you the option of having the pipes and thermostatic valves hidden behind the radiator but being fully accessible when the radiator is opened. Standard versions are supplied with ½” underside connection. Special connections can be specified, please contact the sales team to discuss.

Available in a range of RAL colours plus some unique finishes including Brassy, a highly polished brass finish. Super Mirror, a highly polished stainless steel that gives near perfect reflections. Rusty, a hand painted steel casing using a unique ageing technique and sealed with a wax finished. And four metal finishes, Mighty Magmas: A copper patina of earthy burnt orange and rose tones. Brassy Knoll: A brass patina of granite grey and sea green tones. Midnight Caller: A brass patina of aggregate greys with night blue tones and Dusky Moodstress: A brass patina of dark chocolate browns with warm golden highlights. Please note that due to the hand finished processes used on the Rusty and metal finishes, every radiator will have a different tone a pattern each time. No two will be the same. A refundable RAL chart is available from our accessories page.

There is also a colour matching service available for the Outline range, please call the sales team to discuss.

Optional towel rails are available for all Outlines, please see the accessories page to order.

The outline range can be manufactured in bespoke sizes to the nearest mm to match existing pipe centres or to fit odd spaces, reducing your installation costs. Please call the Sales team for a quotation.

5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Product Coding:

OUTVD – Outline Vertical Double
OUTVDHB - Outline Vertical Double with Hinge & Bracket system
OUTVS – Outline Vertical Single
OUTVSHB - Outline Vertical Single with Hinge & Bracket system

* Orders for bespoke products (product / finish marked with *) cannot be cancelled once confirmed by return invoice as they are made to order. Please contact the sales team before ordering if you have questions regarding bespoke products.

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