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Tt radiator product
TT-580-1083 TT-580-606 TT-580-1083

TT Electric Designer Aluminium Radiator

The designer TT meets the rapidly growing demand for aesthetically pleasing, contemporary designer electric radiators.

The TT not only looks good but comes with a built in, state of the art, energy management and control system providing higher levels of energy efficiency.

- Energy monitor. This new feature encourages you to monitor energy use and make reductions in radiator temperature settings by for example 1 or 2 degrees. This simple action results in making significant savings. (not available with the TT-580-1242 model)

- Electronic chrono-thermostat. Unlike traditional heating systems, which mostly utilise mechanical thermostats, the state of the art chrono-thermostat provides high precision temperature control within +/- 0.5°C which ensures energy is accurately controlled and optimiese to provide energy savings.

- Built in digital programming. 7 Day life style heating schedules which can be easily adjusted to suit specific requirements - plus one bespoke setting.

- Thermal Safety Limiter. TT models have a built in safety limiter which ensures that the surface temperature across the face of each radiator does not exceed 75°C.

- Thermal uniformity. The surface temperature across the whole face of the radiator is uniform to within +/- 5°C. This advantage further enhances the performance and you do not get hot and cold spots.

Uses a high density thermo dynamic fluid. Easy to install.

Available in 6 radiator sizes with outputs ranging from 500 watts - 1800 watts.

Delivery may vary to listed times in model data.

10 year manufacturer radiator block seal guarantee. 3 Year Manufacturer Electronic Guarantee.

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