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Heat Electric radiator product
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Heat Electric Water Filled Electric Radiators

Heat Electric water filled electric radiators combine the heat quality of gas central heating systems with the simplicity of electric heating. From the outside the radiator looks like a standard Compact radiator but the inside hides an mini boiler and pump turning it into a self contained heating system.

Easy to install, the radiators simply plug into a standard socket and are mounted on the wall with a simple bracketing system.

100% efficient, the Heat Electric radiators heat up within 8 minutes reaching a surface temperature of 70°C. The radiators heat up more quickly than oil-filled radiators making them more responsive which can reduce running costs.

Heat Electric radiators are ideal for use with low cost Economy 10 tarriff.

Available in a range of sizes, with many sizes ideal for conservatories and extensions with low window sills.

The Heat Electric range comes in two versions:

HERF - Heat Electric Radio Frequency - The radiator features a dial temperature setting, tamper proof cover and a hidden air sensing thermostat allowing simple t use heat control. The radiator can also be controlled via a remote 7 day/24 hour programmer (HERC). Multiple radiators can be controlled via one programmer.

HERC - Heat Electric Remote Controller - The optional extra remote controller for the HERF model provides a wireless, 7 day/24 house digital thermostat which ensures the maximum level of energy efficient heating. Multiple radiators can be controlled by one timer or by installing more than one controller within a home allows for zoned controllability.

HEIT - Heat Electric Inbuilt Timer - The radiator features a 24 hour segment timer to allow for flexible heat and time programming, a dial temperature setting, tamper proof cover and a hidden air sensing thermostat.

2 year warranty. Radiator supplied with a 1.5 metre cable complete with BS 13 amp moulded plug.

HERF model has an IP rating of IP44 and can be installed in bathroom zones 2 and 3 provided that no electric control unit can be touched by people using the bath or shower. If the radiator is installed in zone 2 or zone 3 it must be connected to a dedicated spur connection located in the appropriate zone.

Manufactured in England

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