Metro Electric

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Metro Electric radiator product
Metro Manual element Meg thermostatic element GT thermostatic element

Metro Electric Towel Rail

The Metro Towel Rail is a good old standard and well liked tube in tube towel rail.

Excellent quality and good value for money, this timeless style towel rail has proved to be a winner time and time again.

The Metro is available in either stocked white, Chrome or one of 42 RAL Colours. A white element will be provided on white rails and chrome elements will be provided on colour and chrome rails.

The Metro electric towel rail can be manual or thermostatic. For manual please select with a code METRME and for Thermostatic select code METRTE. With a thermostatic you have 2 versions to choose from. Please see the photos on the left and email our team your choice of either the Meg or the GT.

5 year warranty on the rails
2 year manufacturing warranty on the elements

* Orders for bespoke products (product / finish marked with *) cannot be cancelled once confirmed by return invoice as they are made to order. Please contact the sales team before ordering if you have questions regarding bespoke products.

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