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Envoy radiator product
Both the 400mm and the 220mm ENV-1800-400 ENV-1800-400


This stunning sleek, unique radiator will be a welcome addition to most homes, particularly those with a modern design. Supplied with bottom opposite end ½” connections, the Envoy is both efficient and slimline.

You may want to opt for either 1 of the 8 standard finishes, including a wood effect, or any of the 188 RAL colours. A list of the RAL colours can be found on the internet, or we can supply a chart on a sale or return basis, please see our accessory page.

The Envoy is made from Aluminium, a lightweight material becoming more common in radiators due to the efficiency. Aluminium requires far less energy to heat up compared to standard mild steel radiators, and is commonly known as a more Eco-friendly material.

Bespoke sizes may be available, please call for further advice.

If you require any assistance, or further information on this range, please call our sales team on 01225 424199.

10yr Manufacturer Guarantee

* Orders for bespoke products (product / finish marked with *) cannot be cancelled once confirmed by return invoice as they are made to order. Please contact the sales team before ordering if you have questions regarding bespoke products.

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