Converse Slimline

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Converse Slimline radiator product
CONSV-1500-595 In White Finish CONSH-600-1395 In Black Finish Converse Slimline Close Up Silver Finish Converse Slimline Close Up Mocha Finish CONSH-600-395 In Mocha Finsih Converse Slimline Close Up White Finish CONSH-600-995 In Silver Finish Side Connections Underside Connections Converse Slimline Close Up Black Finish

Converse Slimline Aluminium Radiator

This stunning radiator is not only a piece of art but has an innovative design. Made with Aluminum the Converse Slim offers two ways of heating. Radiant heat from the sections and convected heat through the grills at the top. Therefore, highly efficient and economical to run.

Available from stock in horizontal and vertical sizes the Converse Slim radiator range will almost certainly have a size available to suit your needs. The Converse Slim is also stocked in 4 matt finishes, Black, Mocha, Silver and White.

The sections on a Converse Slim are joined side by side with the narrowest of projections. This radiator is only 73mm deep from the wall making it ideal for narrow spaces like hallways or behind doors.

The radiator comes with both bottom side and underside connections again giving you flexibility on how you would like the radiator to be installed.

The tops and bottoms of each section is finishes with a brushed silver air flow cap. The bottom caps draw cold air from the floor and convect hot air out of the top. The Converse is also energy efficient, not only due to the fact it is made from aluminum. The Converse sections have internal extrusions of heat output distributing fins helping to transmit the heat from the radiator into the air quickly, it is also a low water content radiator helping you to save money on your energy bill.

5 Years Manufacturer’s Guarantee

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